Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Girls in the Badlands on the Move

We're getting restless for the road.

First on tap, Branson, Missouri: Debi uncomfortably unencumbered after having her smart phone pick pocketed in Europe; Judy uncomfortably encumbered after breaking a foot during a trip to North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Next up will be a short trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to find out what TBEX - Travel Bloggers Exchange - is all about. As you well know, we've been blogging along but perhaps we can do it better.

Georgia on our minds and maps

Just in time for our second annual road trip through  - drum roll, please -  the peachy keen state of Georgia. Fishing, white-water rafting a la Olympic hopefuls, a sunflower festival, panning for gold are but a few of the you're-going-where to-do-what? activities. We're shooting for a July take-off.

As before, we invite you to come along on our Southern sojourn.

If you know of a must-see, must-do experience, let us know and we'll try to work it in.