Saturday, August 30, 2014

Return to Main Street: Lexington, NC’s Summer Stroll

Historic Uptown Lexington is a revitalized city. Like so many towns across the US, their main street shopping declined as urbanization spread. Malls sprouted in the suburbs and down towns suffered.  But, Lexington, North Carolina is once again a happening place. 
Summer Stroll on Main, Lexington, NC
“Meet Us on Main Street” occurs once a month during the summer. Residents and visitors stroll along shopping and dining or just visiting with neighbors. A band provided music in front of Conrad & Hinkle and on this August night, classic cars were on display in all four quadrants and again allowed to cruise up and down on Main.

The Good Girls first stopped into Missions Pottery to paint a piggy bank.  Pottery painting is a relaxing activity and draws kids for birthday parties, parents or grandparents for some fun together time or women for Girls Night Out. The store in Lexington is so popular it has expanded a few times.
Painting Pottery at Missions Pottery, Lexington, NC.

We then walked down to The Candy Factory, a shop offering the best selection of old-fashioned candy I have ever seen. Boomers will feel nostalgic as they browse games and treats from the good old days. However, they aren’t stuck back in time; the Candy Factory’s display cases are full of chocolate truffles and in-store homemade fudge, their specialty.  I choose caramel sea salt chocolate and Judy picked chocolate walnut - yummy.

I meandered down to Lanier’s, the largest True Value Hardware store in North Carolina. Their slogan is, “If we don’t have it, you probably don’t need it.”

Davidson County Courthouse, Lexington, NC.

I returned to the main square, passing the newly renovated courthouse.  The 1858 gem is a thing of beauty and holds the Davidson County Historical Museum on the first floor.  The courthouse parking lot was the location where barbecue got its start in this area.  Folks would come for the bi-monthly court sessions and needed something to eat. Pig farmers dug a pit and began smoking meat. The pork and pit barbecue method became so famous that Lexington is known as the Barbecue Capital of the World. While some folks in South Carolina, Memphis or Kansas City may disagree, you can’t visit without trying a few of the 16 BBQ restaurants. The Good Girls were off to do their best.

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